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Information Security Literacy Of The Digital Native (Case Study: Students Of Junior High School, Senior High School And College In Jakarta)

The current technology development can not be avoided anymore. Digital Native is the generation that is directly impacted. The presence of mobile devices, such as smartphone, laptop, and tablet and the easiness of internet access manifesting the "world in hand". Along with the widespread use of mobile devices, will cause security impacts. The devices they use not only store information related to their owner, but also receive data about other people and related to infrastructure, so they can retrieve, store, modify some sensitive information. This study discuss about information security literacy of digital native in the use of mobile devices. This study use quantitative descriptive method, using 45 samples from 3 levels of education : Junior High School, Senior High School and College Students in Jakarta. The results are education is one of the factor that influence information security literacy, the higher level of education will better understand the concept of information security literacy, but they still require guidance and supervision so that they can also understand the risks from use of mobile devices connected to the internet Keywords - Digital Native, Information Security Literacy, Mobile Device