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The Effectiveness of The Interaction and Trust on The Intelligent Digital Assistants Usage

The growing volume of data and the need to access information instantly has guided people to use technology. Intelligent Digital Assistant (IDA) developed as a more sufficient tool to cover the web search engine features and more to meet the users’ dynamic needs. The IDA can be simply defined as a software that functions as a personal information manager such as Siri and Google Now. This is an explorative study aims to identify the range of factors that affect the usage of the IDA from two perspectives (interaction and trust) in terms of increase or decrease in the usage in the future, in order to find out the most effective directions of development for the IDAs. The importance of this study is due to the increased numbers of the IDAs’ usage users. As mentioned by Gautier (2016), the usage time of these systems is converging to be one billion hours per month. The findings indicate that interaction and trust strongly affect the usage of the IDA. The results show that ease of use and the less effort required for tasks completion are positively associated with the IDAs adoption. Moreover, the information quality, system quality, service quality and interaction quality of an IDA positively affect user’s trust in the IDA. As a result of increasing trust, user’s intention to use the IDA will be increased and also increase users’ reliability and dependency on the IDA.